23-year-old Siya Beyile is the brainbox behind one of South Africa’s leading online fashion and lifestyle destinations The Threaded Man.

After winning the highly coveted Jameson Select Reserve Man of Character Award at the GQ Best Dressed Awards in 2016, the Eastern Cape-born fashionista is featured in this year’s GQ South Africa‘s Style Spring/Summer issue, making him the youngest African personality to grace the cover of the respected men’s magazine.

Creative director, entrepreneur, stylist and rising fashion icon, Siya oozes streetwear chic vibes on this cover. Inside the issue, he talks about his brand The Threaded Man and his out-of-the-box personal style. According to him:

Change is a necessary part of growth and what the past year has taught me is that in order for us to evolve, we need to be willing to push boundaries and dare to challenge the status-quo.

He believes that now is the time for Africans to use their own voices to tell their own stories. This way, we eliminate the potential chances of whitewash and misrepresentation.

The Threaded Man has collaborated with various leading brands in the industry to bring his alternative fashion movement to the forefront. He will continue to challenge the status quo of men’s style and inspire others, both young and old to do same.

Source: www.gq.co.za