We all know Cookbook author Sisi Yemmie for sharing super yummy and helpful content and recipe on her channel and platforms. This time, she released a video that’s not common on her channel but is still helpful and needed. This deviates a tad from what you may expect.

This piece centres on innovative ways to help you in the living, organisation, and maintenance aspects of your daily activities, or in this case: meal preps, meal timetables, stocking up your pantries and other practical areas.

The culinary content creator shared a grocery haul of her shopping at local markets and supermarkets as she stocks fresh vegetables and fruits for her home and family, and we have to tell you it’s visually satisfying, informative and more.

According to Sisi Yemmie, on her channel:

This video is about vegetables and fruits we always buy – these are pantry staples. I buy from the roadside, local markets and supermarkets ( for variety & convenience sake). I go through my food time table, Check my pantry, Menu plan, go shopping!

Enjoy the full video below!