Valentine’s Day is now upon us and we know it’s a day for the celebration of love and we also know it’s not really for the Agape type of love lol, but the bae and boo type – the erotic type.

Everyone, well, not everyone, virtually everyone with a boo is making plans for the day or maybe pushing it till the weekend. So, what are the booless and baeless going to do on that day, while other people are possibly having a good time with bae? Well, think no more! We’ve got you! ?

Single on Valentine's Day? No Problem!

If you ever find yourself baeless on Valentine’s Day or Valentine season (because anything can happen in 24 hours – your bae’s boo can request for her time on that day or your boo’s bae may be having a family event that requires your boo’s presence), here’s our suggestion on what you can do:


So many of us are getting less sleep than we truly need and you can blame that on social media, demands of work and the society, and even your partner. ?

If you are reading this, you are probably not getting enough sleep. So, dedicate that day to sleep. Just put everything off, and go off yourself. Better yet, try a social media/internet cleanse. You’ll be fine when you get up. Trust us!

Go to the Gym

Your body is the machinery with which all your plans are effected. You don’t want it breaking down every now and then due to poor maintenance. Workout regularly, workout on Val’s Day… if you’re single.

Also, you can find bae there! Yeah, we know, we know, sometimes the gym can be a pervy place, as most people may just be looking for friends with benefits or one night stand. But love can be found anywhere, genuine love we mean.

Netflix and Chill…

…Alone! We still don’t know why an innocent phrase like “Netflix and Chill” has been taken to mean something else in this generation ?. That being said, it’s good to enjoy your own company and enjoy alone time with you, relax and reflect on why you are special, what you want out of life, and things to be grateful for.

So, go out, get pizza and ice cream, you can eat some of it there and enjoy the restaurant. Get back into the car, taxi or bus, go home, continue the eating, watch some movies and fall asleep on your couch.

If you feel romantic movies will bring back memories you don’t want to remember, or they’ll spoil your mood, you can watch movies like Revenant, Jumanji or Justice League and so on and so forth.

Attend a Church Programme

It’s Valentine season, churches are jumping on the love train to discuss it from the Christian perspective. There’ll most likely be a QnA session, and it’s a good thing to mingle with other people, hear their thoughts, and you may learn something new in the process, or once again, meet potential bae.

Look for your Fellow #SingleGang and Hangout

It’s not too late. Start now, and arrange for your fellow single friends so you can have a day out. Who knows, you’ll find that someone in the friendzone is not supposed to be there, and soon you’ll be organising a “graduation ceremony” for the person. ?


We know this post is a bit cheeky, but in essence, what we’re saying is that you should choose to be happy every day irrespective of your relationship status or what is going on around you.

Another to note is that it’s not just about finding bae but securing good relationships that are beneficial and progressive to you and the other person. It doesn’t have to end in a boo-bae thingy all the time.

So, go ahead, have fun on Val’s Day, single or not!

Lots of Love! ?

Photo Credit: Dreamstime