Hi Bellastylistas, sensational Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja Egwurube is known for her gracious beauty and style. She further proves her glam queen status with her latest look featuring stunning latte makeup.

The warmth of her facebeat and its charming earthy tones highlight her radiant complexion, giving the shimmery eyeshadow its room to shine, emphasising her natural beauty and elegance. She pairs it with a chic ombre hairstyle, accessorising with delicate silver jewellery and giving the perfect finishing touch.

Hit the ▶ button below to watch Sharon’s glam:

Watch the hairstyling process, hit the ▶ button below:



Bellastylista: @sharonooja

Dress: @bukolacrystalsofficial

Hair: @adefunkeee

Accessories: @tavinbeadsng

Makeup: @ariyike_mua