Sports fan or not, everyone can appreciate a talented athlete who also has major fashion game and that is what, amongst many other things, Congolese-Spanish basketball player Serge Ibaka is. A few weeks ago, the Toronto Raptors left everyone impressed as they won the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. While the game and win left everyone in absolute ecstasy, what truly had our attention was Serge Ibaka who posted a photo of himself in a Heron Preston sweatshirt and track pants.

Why is this significant? Well, Serge just subtly and maybe unintentionally reminded us of the fact that he is probably the most stylish player in the NBA ranks. Serge Ibaka constantly steps out in clean modern and very fashionable pieces that have heads turning and we think more men should take page from Serge Ibaka’s fashion book. He somehow manages to look laid back and relaxed all the while still looking every inch a very fashionable gentleman. A feat not many can easily do if at all.

Don’t believe us? Let these photos of Serge Ibaka looking stylish convince you!

Credit: Getty Images, IG: @sergeibaka