Niyi Fagbemi, the cinematography genius, has again thrilled our fancy with his appealing visuals. Spinning the travel wheel in this episode, it lands on one of Africa’s gems, the land most notable for its rich vegetation, signature music, dance and the Terranga culture.

Terranga translates to “Hospitality” which according to Niyi’s testimonial via his Instagram caption, one of the things that “stood out the most” to him during his visit to Senegal was the warm reception and hospitality he received from the indigenes.

Senegal is hands down, one of my favorite countries I’ve visited so far. One thing that stands out is the hospitality of the people and how I’ve been able to learn a little Wolof in a short period of time 😅.

Even more captivating was the striking beauty of the African spirit portrayed by the young, vibrant, and industrious Senegalese maidens whose melanated skin-pop made the perfect canvas for the modelling of the country’s famous “boubou” attire. They radiated rare joy as they danced gracefully with raffia handmade crafts such as fans; calabashes, and bold multicoloured beads. It’s simply a work of art to behold.

After watching this video, you might consider adding Senegal to your travel list.

Credit: @theniyifagbemi

cc: @papypro and @jules_diallo23