Feminine style doesn’t have to be super girly- it’s more about channeling demure and darling, and even if you do not consider yourself a ‘girly girll’ you can easily embrace the more ‘traditional’ aspects of femininity without being Pepto Bismol pink and bows. Going for a Mary Quant 60s style mini, channeling a 50’s femme fatale or a Dior ‘New Look’ vibe can be just as empowering as any other sartorial choice.

For this mix of feminine and more, we tend to turn to Sarah Langa, this South African blogger is a great resource for feminine and wearable looks which are not even vaguely costume like. If you like your ladylike looks to be somewhat more contemporary, she’s one to look out for.

Known for expertly mixing and matching demure silhouettes with more unexpected elements like a graphic tee or a deconstructed jacket. Follow her if you prefer your feminine looks more modern, her style is at once uber femme, practical and pretty downtown.

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