Top hairstylist and the director of Ceezys StylingRoyce Samuel has a new hair editorial that we are absolutely in love with!

According to him:

 This editorial is an expression of my thoughts about life, about vast personalities and about the generalization of a certain mentality in the society I belong to, this is me explaining 6 mentalities through editorial hairstyling and words to best show you how it is on my mind, I hope you learn a thing or two from this

The Downers

These people are natural depressants. They walk through life in a haze you’d think they are on a heavy dose of tranquillizer. They appear numb to the lows of life. Heck, you don’t even get to know the difference when there is a high. They are comfortable in their environment. I compare them to a chameleon that adapts to its environment but unlike the reptile that changes its appearance to that of its environment to escape possible danger, the Downers do not see the danger. They just blend in…

The Fighters

The Survival of the fittest law was made for these people. They may not be the smartest in the room but their strength makes up for what they lack in brains. They are enraged; children of anger as they are called on Twitter and they would roar themselves out of any uncomfortable situation. They eventually win but not without the struggle marks of battle evident on their skin.

The Conquerors

These are the people that survived the “get rich or die trying” in a positive light, so they’ve encountered poverty or even born into poverty but had always had the superior mindset of being great, so they were never normalized to their situations or stance at a time, rather they look for ways and opportunities to fight through life to become what they always envisaged for themselves and their generations unborn.

The Bourgeois

The bourgeoisie are in a world of theirs but unlike the Downers, their typical low will be a bad weather which prevented them from a shopping spree. They are in the environment but do not get affected by its lows. They are the trust fund kids who count the days until their 25th birthday when Daddy signs the cheque.

Black Sheep

The last and certainly the least of the group, they belong to the fast lane life. Oh, they love the good life just like the next person but lack the patience for it. So they get involved in all kinds of vice and quick money schemes so they too can ‘’belong’’.


They are the solution givers. For every problem they encounter, they proffer a solution to it. Like Archimedes, they have their Eureka! moments and belong to the school of thought that says “when life gives you lemons, make yourself a tall glass of lemonade.

Photographer: @bernerdokulaja
Creative Director: @royce_samuel
Hair Styling: @ceezysstyling
Makeup: @feyipatts
Models: The downers: @queennerfatiti1
The fighters: @enaesasigie of @bethmodels
The conquerors: @_emesomi
The bourgeois: @venolia_wade
Eureka: @darkskinnedfemale_
Black Sheep: @theylovekuku
Welfare: @chefmayykitchen