Ronke Raji is definitely one of our beauty faves – constantly raking up views and likes with each tutorial she uploads. That’s why we were really excited to see the beauty looks the makeup artist would have on her big day!, As expected, Ronke took our breaths with two dashing and refreshing looks done by makeup artist and fellow Youtuber Bregha.

For the first look, Ronke opted for a neutral face beat, gold cut crease and a glossy look to compliment the eyes. This look was perfect for her champagne gold outfit and that highlight was popping!

This subtle glam would be perfect for a day out when it’s bright – it is easy to look at and very pretty. Ronke pulled off the exact look with her second outfit and it was a total knockout.

Bregha beat Ronke’s face in a melodramatic way for her next appearance. She gave the magenta outfit a pop of green with a sleek cut crease across her eyelids and smudged it at the edges with a magenta eyeshadow, completing the look with a matching matte magenta lip stain.

rnb18 You can pair the magenta matte lips with glossy eyes this summer, it might just be taking your face beat to a whole new level. Both looks are exceptional! And even though she wore these looks for her wedding, you can take the cue from the cut crease techniques or the colour palette for your next asoebi look!

Photo Credit: @ronkeraji