The Republic has curated the best pieces for this season’s parties, get-togethers, and events. 

Jacket (@JZO), Shirt (@vincentgath_co), Shorts (@amaariol)

Shirt (@amaariol)

Dress (@studio.imo), Jacket (@denikeonline)

Dress (@Nolablackng)

Dress (@studio.imo), Jacket (@denikeonline)


Dress (@ziistudios)

Dress (@Ziistudios), Blouse (@titibelo_)

Blouse (@studio.imo), Skirt (@Ziistudios), Jacket (@tokatoka_lagos)

Shirt (@VIncentgath_co), Shorts (@amaariol)

Dress (@Ziistudios)

Shirt (@Amaariol), Blouse (@studio_imo), Skirt (@Ziistudios)

Top (@amaariol)

Jacket (@official.assian), Shirt (@vincentgath_co)

T-shirt (@world_pitta), Set (@official_assian)

Brand: The Republic | @republicretailhub
Creative Direction
: Edwin Okolo | @edgothboy
Photography: Kadara Enyeasi | @enyeasi.k
Hair: Hairmaster Studio | @thehairmasterstudio
Makeup: Dio Classics | @dioclassic
Models: Ghaffar Bello, Halimat Magaji