Budding Nigerian fashion brand DAVIDBLACK has unveiled its latest collection tagged SICK.

According to the statement of the Creative Director:

What better time to be alive than a time almost everything is questioned, even to the air we breathe. This collection is personal, it’s like a relieving moment between acceptance, change & breaking free.

This work of art is immensely inspired by my journey through the pandemic, the constant thought of what next? The delusion between the provoking thoughts of ‘what if’ ‘how & why are we here the trauma that came with the change we have been forcefully inclined to accept. This editorial is exactly how I felt ‘SICK’.

See the full collection below.


Brand: @shopdavidblack_ng

Stylist: @de_davids

Photography: @dennography

Models: Gospel Ikachi Addey| @aimen_xy

Shoot Coordinator: Vincent Ebuka

Creative Direction: @andreiiesin