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Relaxed Hair Matters Too!

There is a popular notion that natural hair alone is the only type of healthy hair. However, it is completely possible to have relaxed healthy hair.

While natural hair and relaxed hair are visibly different, they need almost the same amount of care and attention.

According to this article by Heads and Shoulders, hair relaxers use chemicals to straighten hair by breaking the disulfide bonds found in the cortex layer of hair, and re-forming them while hair is being held in a straight pattern. The most commonly used chemicals in relaxers are sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, and sodium thioglycolate.

Because of the contact with chemicals in relaxers, great measures need to be taken to ensure healthy relaxed hair.

How To Care For Relaxed Hair

Do not apply relaxers frequently: Make sure you wait at least 10 -12 weeks before your next relaxer service.

Select your Relaxer carefully: You should find out your hair type (coarse or soft) and use a relaxer that treats it best. No-lye relaxers are gentler on the scalp, tougher on the hair, a good product is ProfectiV’s Mega Growth No Lye Relaxer – according to BellaNaija Style’s Mary Edoro who is a self-proclaimed relaxed hair enthusiast: “My hair is really stubborn, and it has been a struggle getting my hair relaxed without hurting my scalp but since I discovered Mega Growth, I have stopped leaving relaxer in my hair for too long and burning my scalp because it does the job!

Shampoo your hair twice a week: Keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy by washing with shampoo twice a week.


Profectiv Mega Growth range

Use a leave-in conditioner after every wash: The best practice is to wash your hair weekly to get off the dust and sweat from the week’s activities. But this doesn’t mean you have to use shampoo all the time. You can just wash and use a leave-in conditioner to ensure proper moisturization. Try ProfectiV Mega Growth Detangling Conditioner. Mary says it guarantees smooth hair and painless combing even months after your last retouch.

Deep condition your relaxed hair twice a week: Deep conditioning prevents frizzy and dry hair and strengthens the hair. It is very important for healthy hair. A very effective way to deep condition is by steaming. Use a steamer or DIY with wet towels or shower caps.

Sleep with silk or satin: This prevents the hair from getting tangled and prevents dryness.

Protective styles:  You will need to keep your hair protected from natural elements and breakage with hairstyles that don’t stress the hair follicles like updos, buns and simple braids.

Avoid Heat: Overuse of heat on relaxed hair will cause it to lose its lustre and shine. It will also lead to breakage, so try hairstyles that need as little heat as possible.

Trim every 2-3 months: This removes dry split ends and prevents uneven growth.

Eat clean and drink plenty of water: Fruits and nutritious meals are not only for your body but for your hair too. Apart from moisturisers and conditioners, healthy food will promote healthier hair and growth.

Do these regularly and your hair will be rich and shinning!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime