You would be amazed at the many things that can cause breakage on natural hair. We often engage in several practices, which may not seem like a bad idea but can do more harm than good. It is crucial to identify the cause of a problem to solve it. Beauty Youtuber Seun Okimi has a new video out where she talks about all things natural hair breakage.

She wrote on her channel:

In this video, I discuss how to fix breakage on natural hair through first prevention and how to detangle and handle natural hair properly, and secondly through natural hair breakage repair with things like protein treatments for breakage and deep conditioning to avoid breakage.

I also discuss the power of low manipulation and protective styling for length retention and how to retain length on natural hair or relaxed hair, or any hair type through these things. Hair breakage can occur at the crown, nape, hairline, or all over. In this video, I give tips on avoiding this and discuss the things you may be doing that are causing your hair breakage. I hope it helps you!