What was the last beauty item you purchased? More than likely, you were influenced in some way to purchase the product based on a review you saw on YouTube or Instagram.  According to Forbes, black influencers are engaging their followers at 261% more than their general market peers, In Africa specifically, “consumers prefer local content, while domestic influencers drive engagement from social trends to purchasing patterns.” So what does it take to be a top beauty influencer? This week, we are going to talk about the top technology tools and apps to create quality digital beauty content.

Mobile Phone

Most digital content consumed in Africa is done via mobile. Mobile photography has reached a point where what once required high end cameras can now be achieved with the camera in your phone.  The new iPhone X is a great option for digital beauty influencers because it leverages natural light to capture studio-like portraits and you can make your photos pop with in-app, post-processing tools. Bloggers would also love capturing landscapes or cityscapes with the optical zoom. If you are not on Santa’s nice list and wont be getting an iPhoneX anytime soon, the Tecno Mobile Phantom 8 and the Google Pixel 2 are great alternative options for belles on a budget.


While phones can replace camera when it comes to photography, its a bit harder to get good quality video content without a DSLR camera. Think about where you will be filiming if its mostly at home or on the go.  If you need  image stabilisation, wind reduction or waterproofing? Or will you prefer a flip-up screen to see the screen when in selfie mode? Other features to consider are built-in wifi, 4K recording, battery life and weight. The Canon G7X, Go Pro, Canon EOS 80D and Sony RX100 are all amazing camera but if you are a selfie queen go for the Sony A5100.


Natural lighting is honestly the best light. Always use a room with lots of natural lighting and it will make your photos so much easier to edit. Are you taking pictures at night or in a room without natural light? Then get a ring light. You can purchase a ring light from a photography store. If the traditional ring light is too bulky or you need something on the go? Selfie ring lights are a great option but try to find one with yellow lights and not white bulbs which can make you look washed.


There are lots of apps to help edit your social media photos. Below are our top 10.

  1. FaceTune – Fun & Powerful Portrait and Selfie Editor
  2. SnapSeedEnhance photos and apply digital filters
  3. PhotoShop ExpressEasy, quick and powerful editing on mobile devices
  4. VSCO lets users use its gorgeous filters and editing options to turn their otherwise boring pictures into masterpieces
  5. PicFX – Powerful suite of filters and image adjustment tools for photo & video
  6. AfterLightperfect image editing app for quick and straightforward editing.
  7. Split Lens – Clone Yourself in Photos and Videos
  8. Giphy – Make Your Own Animated GIFs
  9. Rookie Cam – An ideal replacement for your iPhone’s built-in camera app
  10. Pitu – Makeup touch ups that are precise

Want more tips and tricks on taking the perfect selfies. Watch this video by YouTuber, ItsMyRayeRaye

Join us next month as we highlight ways beauty bloggers can succeed in Q4 2018 with content planning.