All women have different interests, but, a common ground for most women is the desire to have healthy, beautiful hair. Heat exposure, chemical treatment, colouring and poor grooming techniques are among a plethora of things believed to cause damage to hair and make hair fragile.

While washing is particularly important for maintaining healthy hair, it can also cause your hair to break as a result of the rubbing and manipulation of your hair while cleaning it and the drying effects of your shampoo. This is why it is important to incorporate pre-pooing in your routine.

Pre-poo is an abbreviation of the term ‘pre-shampoo’. It is the process of applying a protective treatment to your hair before washing with a shampoo and it is helpful because most shampoos can strip moisture from the hair, leaving the hair fragile and brittle.

Lola Williams has shared her amazing easy pre-pooing steps. All you need is the Mega Growth Growth Oil, some water, a shower cap and bonnet if you don’t have that, you can use cling film instead.

How To Pre-Poo


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Do you pre poo your hair? Tbh I never took pre pooing serious until a few months back and it has honestly changed my wash day game!! ? Pre poo is an abbreviation for pre-shampoo and as the name implies, it is a treatment done before you shampoo to prevent your hair from getting stripped. We all know how drying shampoos can be. Pre poos help to restore moisture, melt away tangles and give shine. ?Oils are great for pre-pooing! I usually make an oil mix or use aloe Vera, but lately I’ve been loving the @megagrowthnigeria growth oil. It is made with a blend of penetrating oils like Olive, avocado and coconut oils. It gives me enough slip to finger detangle and leaves my hair super soft and shiny. This single step has really helped to reduce the amount of shed hair I get on wash day. ?To prepoo, simply divide your hair into manageable sections, spray lightly with water(I use warm water to open my cuticles) apply your oil down the length of your hair, finger detangle and twist it up. Repeat on all sections and cover your hair with a shower cap. You can leave it in overnight or for about 30mins under a steamer. Shampoo your hair after. Is this a step you do already? If not you need to add it to your routine. #Megagrowthnigeria #strongnbeautiful

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Step 1 – Divide and conquer

To make it easier to apply your Mega Growth oil evenly, divide your hair into four or more sections depending on the length and volume of your hair.

Step 2 – Detangle

Spritz each section with warm water and detangle with a comb or your fingers.

Step 3 – Soak it in

Apply your Mega Growth oil from the root to the tip of your hair, twist up, cover with a shower cap and bonnet, and leave for 30 minutes or more. You can leave it overnight to soak in all the goodness of the Mega Growth oil. The longer you pre-poo, the better.

Alternatively, 30 minutes under a steamer will work just fine. Regular pre-pooing with Mega Growth Oil will help improve your hair texture and sheen, add moisture to your hair and scalp, making your hair strong on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

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