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The natural hair movement has been going strong for a long time now. Its versatility with styling has made it widely acceptable – from braids and twists to blown-out fros and protective styles with extensions.


Omoni Oboli is one veteran natural hair enthusiast that not only loves her hair but loves playing with different pretty styles. She said on her blog

It’s no secret how in love with my hair I am. I still maintain that going natural is one of the best decisions I ever made…for my hair and even as a life decision. My relationship with my hair is almost spiritual. I truly love and take care of my hair.

We are always glued to her Instagram page because of her ever-changing hairstyles. One moment she’s rocking a blown-out Afro, and the next moment, she’s turning heads in a fancy updo.

But with great hair, comes great responsibility – let’s be honest, dry and frizzy hair cannot achieve the best hairstyles – you’ll only end up with a bad hair day!

Heat, vitamins or overexposure to the sun, these are some factors that can make your hair dry. Even though some people may have naturally dry hair, there are ways to boost your hair’s shine and moisture especially with the wide range of hair care products from Profectiv. The brand has impressive products that infuse an ultra-protective blend of natural oils and proteins into hair to rebuild and restore strength and shine.

Whether you’re contemplating going natural or you’re simply looking for a new style, keep scrolling to get all the natural hair inspiration from Omoni Oboli.

Sleek Sides And A Perfect Updo


Almost all girls, naturalistas or not swear by this elegant hairstyle. Why not? It suits all face and hair types. And the best part is, you can totally do it on your own!

  • Start by preparing your hair (not necessary but important) by shampooing it that day or the night before.
  • Work your way through your desired hairstyle with bobby pins and a styling comb.
  • You can add volume to your hair by creating friction with a toothbrush and texturizing. 

Braids And Twists


Whether you love a full head of braids or twists, or you just want something to add a little style to your hairdo, these styles are perfect to protect your hair texture and enhance growth. To prevent damage, you need your hair ready, washed, conditioned and detangled.

Are you getting box braids, cornrows, Fulani braids, or twists? You can check out the range of attachments you can use here.

If you want to achieve a twist out with your natural hair, you’ll need a wide tooth comb and detangler, spray bottle, moisturiser, oil and flexi rods.

See how Omoni Oboli rocks her natural twist out below


Full Blow-Out


To achieve this look, use a light oil treatment to give your hair a shine and that extra needed slip to get the brush through the hair while blow drying. Try ProfectiV Mega Growth Hair Smoother Polish

You can rock your hair as a full fro or steal Omoni’s faux fro-hawk style.


Photo Credit: @omonioboli