Having flawless makeup is always the goal. However, on hotter days, you may end up with cakey, oily or running makeup. Perspiration doesn’t have to ruin your face beat if you’re prepared for it with the right makeup and skincare products.

Luckily, beauty and lifestyle content creator Omabelle is back with a tutorial, where she shares sweat-proof makeup hacks.

She wrote on her channel:

Hi my beauties, welcome back!!! so today, I’m sharing some makeup hacks and products I was very impressed with especially for oily skin. If you’re in this category of skin type, you know its always a struggle keeping our makeup flawless all day so I hope you find this video helpful. And as always, this will be a full face makeup look where I show you how I cover my acne, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Hope you enjoy! xoxo.

Watch the video below.