Urban menswear brand MetroMan has released its debut collection from its diffusion line, “I & I,” an offering that celebrates the essence of love and introduces the captivating assortments tagged “Old Money Love”.

Reflecting on the evolving dynamics of relationships within the Metroman community, Founder and Creative Director Goldie Iyamu emphasizes:

As friends and companions embrace significant life milestones, whether it’s marriage, parenthood, or committed partnerships, our focus turns to cherishing love at every juncture. This philosophy lays the groundwork for a collection that embodies enduring romance, opulence, and style, aligning harmoniously with contemporary aesthetics. 

Step into a realm where love is adorned with the trappings of affluence, where style effortlessly merges with comfort, and where every outfit is a testament to the beautiful memories of a summer romance. The “Old Money Love” collection invites you to indulge in a harmonious fusion of lavishness and ease, meticulously crafted to bring your fashion dreams to life. 

With a colour palette reminiscent of a treasure trove, the brand’s latest offering effortlessly merges rich jewel tones and delicate pastels, creating an ambience of grandeur and romance.

See the collection below.



Brand: @metroman.co 

Photography: @topeadenola

Creative direction: @goldieiyamu

Models: @_sammyfrancis_ and @ifeomaamuta

Creative assist: @big.bernadette