Nigerian androgynous ready-to-wear brand Nwosu Official has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 collection titled Bromance modelled by fast-rising influencer Adeoluwa Enioluwa.

According to the statement of the brand

The inspiration behind the title Bromance is formed by a close, friendly, non-sexual relationship between two guys or a unique male bonding found between ‘brothers from another mother’.

We live in a society where such a bond is seen as abnormal, where guys can’t be emotionally attached, hug, cry, confess their love, or feel comfortable talking about their bodies. Because of this, my friend Eniola and I put this collection together.

See the full collection below

Producers: @nwosu___official| @enioluwaofficial
Photography: @rotimiore 
Makeup: @enioluwaofficial
Styling: @travis_signature