This Spring/Summer 2021 season, Tina Lobondi returns with a stunning ready-to-wear capsule collection inspired by the African continent and its masks culture.

The brand wrote in a statement following the release:

The existence of African masks can be traced as far back as the Stone Age. For thousands of years, African people have incorporated tribal masks into their cultural ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. Most African countries hold deep and complex beliefs around masking ceremonies. In contemporary Africa, masks are no longer as commonly used for tribal ceremonies though they still represent one of the continent’s most vibrant contributions to the arts all over the world.

Inspired by Africa, every creation and print we make represent the perfect association between African heritage and French couture. Exclusivity is the keyword since our debut in 2011. We know that as a client, you look for something unique and truly timeless and this new collection was created with you in mind.

Not just a clothing brand, we want to keep giving back to our community and will be choosing the Congolese charities that will receive a percentage of sales of some of our products.

See the full lookbook below