Social media is the ever-growing encyclopedia of all things makeup and talent. Beauty content creators are constantly sprucing up various social media platforms, leading to a bookmark-worthy trail of out-of-the-box makeup looks, beauty hacks and game-changing product recommendations.

If you’re looking for a refreshed technique to style your wig, a complete how-to on graphic eyeliners, or even some essential contour tips, these Nigerian beauty influencers have you covered.

Anita Adetoye 


Who? Multi-award-winning Content Creator, Makeup Artist, and Social Media Influencer.

Follow for: A fun and relatable feed with outfit inspirations, product recommendations and the best food spots.

Whitney Madueke


Who? Beauty Expert, Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator.

Follow for: The ultimate beauty education and products recommendation and an out-of-this-world smile.

Ropo Demure


Who? Beauty & Hair Content Creator, Youtuber.

Follow for: The ultimate beauty and wig install education, from insights into the best makeup and hair products to out-of-this-world makeup creations.

Adanna Madueke


Who? Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator, Youtuber.

Follow for: Limitless natural hair inspiration, lifestyle and a bubbly personality.

Oluchi Onuigbo


Who? Professional Makeup Artist, Esthetician and Youtuber.

Follow for: Thorough, trustworthy, impartial product reviews and practical makeup and skincare tips and tricks.

Eni Popoola


Who? Beauty & Lifestyle Youtuber.

Follow for: Flawless makeup creations, endless style and makeup inspiration.

Fola Hontas


Who? Digital Creator, Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber.

Follow for: Speedy, practical make-up demos on Youtube, endlessly imaginative beauty looks and hacks that will motivate you to be more creative, lifestyle content and more.



Who? Professional Makeup Artist, Aesthetician and Youtuber.

Follow for: Endless makeup and skincare inspiration that balances wow with wearable and top-notch product recommendations.

Layefa Ebitonmo


Who? Digital Creator, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Youtuber.

Follow for: Endless makeup inspiration, the beauty’s feed is a positive place, a testament to her fun personality.

Uche Natori


Who? Beauty Expert, Content Creator and Youtuber.

Follow for: Fun-to-recreate makeup looks, colour combinations with unique techniques and captivating makeup tutorials.

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