Happy New Year Bella Stylistas! If you rocked to the break of dawn, I hope your head is not too sore from all the Champagne popped and your feet not too swollen from participating in an epic dance-off where money, honour and reputation were at stake. But post party wahala aside, the 1st January 2018 gives all of us an opportunity to kick-start, reboot, unlearn, take-up whatever we need in order to have our best year yet. We asked Ozzy Agu, Michelle Dede and Lisa Folawiyo, three of our favourite celebs for some of theirs to get an insight on how we can all bring it and then some in the New Year.


Actor, Presenter and Media Personality Ozzy Agu is like many a Type A man, a list-maker. We all know a guy like this; the year is divided into quarters, certain indices are put in place to ensure said goals are achieved and there is of course always a progress review. He gave us a breakdown for 2018 which read EXACTLY as follows:

  1. Sleep more
  2. Take care of my people
  3. Serve my community
  4. Travel more
  5. Tell better stories
  6. Touch 30 Billion US dollars Cash

Serious goals right there, and because it is a list one can just check off as one achieves one or more or all. Furthermore, one can also assess what is falling off your radar as the year continues, although I hazard a guess that Item No. 6 will definitely be one that is hard to miss! If you are a task maestro the List Method might be just for you, but remember a list is not meant to goad you, it’s meant to inspire and motivate.


When we got to speak to Actor and Presenter Michelle Dede we got a completely different approach, call it the 360 Degree, but the New Year was about reflection as much as it was about goals. She was also keen to put things into a wider context:

“Resolutions often fall by the way side when you live in a country where things can be very unpredictable and tend to change last minute because what I like to call “Life happens” happens regularly. This means most of us, (in truth all of us living in Nigeria lol) change plans and resolutions fast as an okada driver weaves his way through traffic. Having a list of flexible goals you want to achieve works better.”

However, goals that are not rooted in better ways of living will go nowhere fast and she is quick to note  that looking after oneself is essential to achieving anything further.

“Better self care and self love are musts for all of us.  When you live in a city that is as bustling, thriving, demanding and also as hectic as Lagos, it’s often tricky to find time for self anything . I’ve neglected my ‘self care’ in the past and instead cared for/about others more. In 2018 my relationship with God, self care, health, peace of mind, are a priority. ”

Of course, New Year’s is also a time for a style-reboot or just upping the ante on what you know works for you too.

“Style wise, I’ve always been very adventurous with my personal style and that will continue. Some women adore shoes and bags, jewelry, I like them too, yet I salivate when I see a beautiful fedora, trilby, panama or Gatsby hat.  I’ve loved hats since I was in high-school and after collecting them for years… This year I want to add more to that collection. A Philip Treacy top hat, would be a dream addition.”

So from Michelle we’ve learnt that being true to oneself is essential, looking after oneself holistically is a non-negotiable and enhancing on that style signature is a must!


When we spoke to Fashion Designer and Style Icon Lisa Folawiyo, we got to see the benefits of  a super short but nevertheless powerful set of resolutions. Sometimes it is all about limiting yourself to no more than three areas and going all-out to make it happen.

“Three things I’m focused on working on and achieving in 2018 and beyond, God willing and with his grace.. and in no particular order are~

  1. a) Being more compassionate and selfless(watchword will be GIVING) Giving more of myself, my time, and my means.
  2. b) Replacing the word ‘perhaps’ with the words ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.. Being more resolute with all steps taken and decisions made. Being more resolute with all questions asked as well.
  3. c) Spending less on frivolity and pursuing financial growth and responsibility. (Watchword will be PRUDENCE)..Less Balenciaga, more booming balances!”

What is interesting about Lisa’s approach is each resolution has a watchword, consider it a catch yourself moment that brings you back on track. From giving more to practicing assertiveness through to having a more disciplined approach to money and sigh, high-fashion spend-outs; the end goal is to become a better more consciously aware and active individual.


So take a moment today, to have a think, a dream, a meander through your subconscious and visualise all the possibilities you want for your life. The resolutions needn’t be massive or too lengthy in number, but make sure they are things that really, truly, matter to you as it is only then that you are likely to not only keep to them but adopt the habits, behaviours and in some instance complete overhauls in thinking to achieve them. Here’s to a 2018 that is every bit as spectacular as all the Bella Stylistas out there!