It’s the beginning of the year and a great time to show off your natural coils with different gorgeous hairstyles. Trust us, you don’t have to wear a wig or flat iron your hair for it to appear professional.

Whatever the length or texture, your mane deserves to pop this new year! Take a look at these 10 quick styles that can be worn to the office and get inspired.


Amor Antasia‘s Quick Twist and Braid Style

Diamond Quenshay‘s Sleek Bun for Short Hair

Alternative with a Faux Bun by  BRI

Naptural85‘s Vintage Style Twists Crown

Igbocurls‘ Big Bob and Updo

Sophia Reed‘s Three Puffs Conservative Updo

Chronicurls‘ Flat Twists

Rayann410 Double Twist Ponytail

Brittany Kyss’ Daring Mohawk

Sehvynn‘s Two Buns and Two Twists

Nina‘s High Top Bun