Nigerian street style-inspired brand NACK recently released its latest collection tagged the “NACK Classic Kullection“- a collection of pieces from the NACK brand.


NACK was birthed to reflect the new African culture and articulate the evolving lifestyle of stylish, free and confident people around the world.

According to the sustainable fashion brand led by Tolu Akinpeloye – “NACK is the soul of African culture. NACK is the Articulation of African people. NACK is the collection of black expressions. NACK is Africa, Nack is Nubian. NACK is YOU

With the new capsule collection and the launch of the new official NACK embroidery logo, the NACK brand attempt to portray everything that the Afrocentric brand represents – eccentric, African, and classic. This collection is definitely a must-see.

Check out the collection.

Art direction – @dudutoonz
Creative director – @lutonack
Makeup artist – @osan_by_misan
Fashion stylist – @the.bamidele
Models – @aykoagency & others
Photography –
Content Management – @ethmalosa