Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Dimma Umeh is out with a new video on her uber popular channel. In her new video, she shares updates on her move to a new place, the stress of dealing with Nigerian artisans (who can relate?) and her trip to Bologna, Italy.

On her Instagram she said:

I almost did not make this trip but I’m glad I did ?. My biggest worry was the language barrier. Don’t get me wrong, people travel from Nigeria to non English speaking countries all the time, I was just worried that I’d be doing it alone.

Have I gotten lost? Of course I have! Ugboro ito sef ?, Three whole times of walking around clueless ?⠀

Have people gone out of their way to help me?? Yes and Yes, they’ve been nothing but kind! I’d never forget this woman running with me to my platform, she wanted to make sure that I caught my train. ⠀

Italy is so beautiful. If you know me you’d know that I love pasta so I’m quite simply in heaven right now.

Watch the video below to follow on her journey!