Moss Onyi is one #BellaStylista whose distinctive taste in fashion will have you fantasizing of a place far, far away, in a world that only fashion dreams are made of.

Her classy and elegant style comes with a touch of vintage glam fused with modern-day pieces that leave us totally in awe of her fashion choices. Onyi’s style revolves around exquisite neutral and earth-tone pieces and she favours stylish floral printed dresses too.

If you’re indecisive or feeling uninspired for with dressing up this week, look no further, we have curated seven stylish outfits for the week using Onyi as a style guide.


Start the week with a classic check blazer with black pants and a textured blouse. 



Switch things up with an elegant white blazer and a patterned dress to win all the accolades.



On Wednesdays #BellaStylistas wear pink. Period.



Opt for a dress with frills and layers which is a perfect fit for a karaoke night out after a long day at work.



It’s the end of the week, and this look is an example of a stylish casual Friday.



Saturday picnics call for stylish floral dresses.



Sunday brunch calls for high fashion.