On the 26th of November, at Pier Harbour Residences, Mimmi Kasu unveiled “A Piece of Me: An Over Water Experience,” a sequel to the acclaimed “Style Her Famous” collection. This event marked a pivotal moment for the brand, as it built on her triumphs as a leading lady.

The collection served as a mirror to the metamorphosis of a woman navigating life’s challenges. Each garment unfolded a chapter, narrating the story of resilience and growth. The fabrics chosen echoed her strength—robust yet soft, a true reflection of her character.

The over-water theme symbolized freedom, aligning with the essence of the collection. From commanding silhouettes to flowing fabrics, the designs encapsulated the duality of a formidable and free-spirited woman. The colour palette mirrored her diverse personality—a leader, an icon, an individual.

As models gracefully strode down the runway, it transcended beyond a mere fashion show; it transformed into a visual narrative of empowerment. “A Piece of Me” was not just about style; it was a celebration of a woman’s journey, embodying strength, resilience, and grace.

In this over-water experience, Mimmi Kasu extended an invitation to women to embrace their stories, celebrating triumphs and challenges alike. The collection stood as an ode to the indomitable spirit of women, a testament to their capacity to evolve, inspire, and redefine the world.



Designer: @the.kachin for @mimmikasu

Event producer:  @kelechukwwu

Photography: @morganotagburuagu

Styling: @thestyleinfidel

Makeup: @polycarp_beauty

Hair: @cheveux_bytee

Videography: @therunwayking 

Location: @pierharbour.bysrs @thegoodliferestaurantbysrs