Ahead of African Fashion Week Nigeria 2018, the AFWN team profiles Adriana Talansi the head designer behind fast-rising fashion house Talansi based in Congo.

Adriana Talansi

Congolese designer, Adriana Talansi’s dream became reality in 2014 when she launched her first collection  “Simple and Sublime” in Angola. She remains inspiring young ladies in her home country to follow their dreams, especially in the fashion world by breaking barriers most designers in Congo have not dared to.

What inspired your fashion journey?
Fashion and fashion design have always been in me since I was very young about 9 years old, I realized my first fashion drawings

What has been your challenge as a designer in Africa?
Trying to change the vision of people who are used to traditional cuts and make them discover African Haute Couture.

Robe by Talansi Collection

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion defines our personality and what we are, the way we dress defines us in a certain way it is not just bits of fabrics.

Most unforgettable experience as a designer.
Certainly in London during the AFWL 2017, the place of the event really changed podiums that I had known in the past, it was really beautiful and amazing.

Tell us about the collection you intend to showcase on AFWN runway
I am expecting a lot of reactions because I wanted to represent our identity as Africans. That’s why I called this collection “Identity”. I consider each piece artistically and not as a garment.

Robe by Talansi Collection

How do you feel about the growing number of designers in Africa?
I think it’s a very good thing and it helps creativity and pushes us as creators to always push our imagination.

What is your outlook on African fashion and its impact worldwide?
We find Africa already for a long time among the biggest names in fashion and Africa finds its place naturally in this world and this is only the beginning believe me.

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