Bias In African Fashion (BAF) aims to stimulate discussions around inclusivity in African fashion by identifying and asking how we can address areas of prejudice and bias in the industry.

This year’s Media Equity series was led by BellaNaija Style Head of Content Mary Edorowho shared her views and insights on how fashion businesses can gain greater visibility through press and media coverage. Also, she debunked the myth that only known and established fashion brands and houses get media attention and press.

The digital media strategist also took to her Youtube Channel where she shared the recent session with BAF saying:

One of the best parts of my job is discovering and showcasing incredible creatives and talent on the continent. It has been 5 years since I found love at BellaNaija and I cannot over emphasise the joy I feel each time a designer/influencer/creative walks up to me to say “thanks for featuring my brand”. (It happened in Milan and I was red from blushing).

What we have done at BellaNaija Style is to wield the power of our platform to constantly promote our own fashion, creativity and uniqueness from Dakar, Lagos, Kampala and Cape Town – to the world!

It is by no means an individual effort, I’m backed by an amazing team at BellaNaija Style who work on the best lookbooks, editorials, interview features and opinion pieces – I’m proud to be part of a team pushing Africa forward.

As a BAF Champion for 2022, I’m excited to have led the Media Equity series starting with #BellaNaijaStyle. In this session, I will be sharing insights on how fashion businesses can gain greater visibility through press and media coverage.

Enjoy the full session below.