Abisola Akintunde is the brain behind MakeupbyAshabee, an indigenous makeup brand that caters to the beauty needs of women. She began a 30-day journey to inspire women through her #makeupbyashabeeportraitchallenge, read her full interview here.

Day 2 of the portrait challenge features indigenous womenswear designer Derin Fabikun of Fablane.
Here is what Abisola had to say about Derin:

I first heard of Derin from her sister @princess_damola who is my client. I was discussing my birthday plans when her sister went all out to market Derin’s designing skills. Of course, I was a bit sceptical; as we all know, siblings will always have each other’s back. However, Derin blew my mind and since then, she has become my go-to designer.
I’m always in awe of her dedication to her craft, her consistency and her ability to run her brand with the utmost professionalism.
One thing I respect so much about Derin is her versatility. She is great with haute couture, amazing with smart casuals and even corporate designs. Should we then begin to talk of her unique red carpet outfits and the signature classy look you find in all her ‘almost architectural’ designs.
Just as seeing is believing, some of her styles can be seen on high flying celebrities like @inidimaokojie , @mimionalaja and a host of others. In all honesty, Derin doesn’t even need to work as much as she does but she’s just someone that puts in her all and strives for excellence.

Another thing I love about Derin is how she takes care of herself and makes an effort to always look superb. She’s blessed with great skin, complementing her even greater poise and is always an eye candy.
I wish I could go on and on as there are a lot of other things I admire about her but really can’t share with the public.
Join me to celebrate this captivating trendsetter who keeps bringing her A-game to the table and fascinating us. The sky is definitely your stepping stone.

Thank you, Derin for being all that and more #shesallthat

Watch Derin’s inspirational video below


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