Beauty entrepreneur and author Ameera Abraham is the new cover girl for Tribe and Elan’s beauty magazine Beaute Rack.

In this issue, Ameera talks about launching her first book The Full Set, her nail brand clocking 10 years, her passion for enlightening and empowering women in various fields of life and much more.



On writing her first book ‘The Full Set’

The full set has got to be my most exciting project yet, writing my business experiences over 10 years was nothing short of emotional as well as therapeutic. I spent most part of the lockdown writing the book and it really helped create some balance for me while nursing my newborn and managing my mental health given the uncertainties that came with the novel pandemic.

I hadn’t realized how much of my personal life experiences had affected my business decisions, writing the book definitely gave me clarity and perspective, as well as the courage to pat myself on the back because prior to that, I couldn’t see how much I’d grown.

On how the nail industry has evolved in Nigeria

Over the last 6 years, there has been a surge in the emergence of nail salons and mobile nail technicians in Abuja and this has been so exciting for me to see because it just means the industry is growing! The more nails spa and nail techs we have, the higher awareness is for an otherwise underrepresented industry.

I’ve also noticed that even day spas that ordinarily didn’t pay attention to having a nail section now invest in proper space and equipment for those sections, which is fantastic.

 On the Nail Bar celebrating 10 years in business. 

I am still pinching myself, because given all that I’ve experienced on my business journey – from being attacked to theft, to even just the general Nigerian factors to running a business – I survived! It’s a whole new testament to my resilience and God’s hand in my affairs.

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