One of the world’s leading diamond companies De Beers recently announced Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o as its first Global Ambassador. Nyong’o stars in De Beers’ new brand campaign, De Beers: Where It Begins, photographed by Lachlan Bailey, telling the story of the only global luxury brand that starts at the source, from discovering rough diamonds to producing fine jewellery. 


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In an exclusive interview with Only Natural Diamonds, Nyong’o spoke about being the first De Beers ambassador:

It is always exciting to be the first at anything, and I am very proud of this unexpected achievement! The really substantive bonus, though, is working with De Beers on Building Forever, which is their sustainability framework. One focus of that is creating opportunities for women and girls in southern Africa, an effort clearly very close to my heart. De Beers was very clear that they were interested as much in what I stand for off-screen as in my work on screen, and that was key for me.

As part of the partnership, Nyong’o will also support De Beers’ Building Forever commitment, which aims to advance women and girls in the areas where its diamonds are discovered, including engaging 10,000 girls in STEM and supporting 10,000 women entrepreneurs and investing at least $10 million across southern Africa to achieve these goals by 2030.

According to Marc Jacheet, Chief Executive Officer of De Beers Brands:

This campaign represents several firsts for the De Beers brand, The first time we’ve partnered with a global ambassador, the first time we’ve depicted the full breadth and scope of the brand from diamond discovery to finished jewellery, and the first time we’ve showcased a rough diamond in a campaign. It’s a powerful new focus for De Beers that represents source, discovery, potential and authenticity.

The De Beers: Where It Begins campaign launches globally with integrated media activations across multiple touchpoints on November 3rd.