Day 1 of Lagos Fashion Week commenced with a unique and essential agenda – The UNESCO Report Launch. This significant event aimed to delve into the African fashion sector, exploring its trends, challenges, and promising opportunities for growth. Starting promptly at 11:30 a.m., this event was masterfully moderated by Omoyemi Akerele, the Executive Director of Lagos Fashion Week, and Toussaint Tiendrebeogo. The panel of esteemed guest speakers included Reni Abina, the creative director of Rendoll, as well as Imane Ayissi, Lulu Shabell, and other prominent industry figures.

Following this enlightening discussion, the Fashion Week Tents opened its doors, ushering in a series of captivating runway presentations. Simultaneously, the SwapShop, an exciting component of the event, came to life with bustling activity.

Day 1 Runway Highlights


On the first day of the LFW affair, the spotlight shone on Rendoll Nigeria, a luxurious women’s fashion brand making its debut. Presenting an impeccable collection, Rendoll showcased a range of feminine and highly wearable pieces. Notably, the brand continued its tradition of incorporating sequins and vibrant, multicoloured fabrics into its designs, a signature style that has been synonymous with Rendoll since its inception in 2019


Oshobor, a 2022 Green Access Finalist, made a triumphant return to the Lagos Fashion Week catwalk, unveiling a fresh and evocative collection titled “A Graduation of Love.” This collection delved deep into the theme of love, seamlessly continuing the brand’s narrative of traditional craftsmanship. Notably, the brand’s signature waste wool was ingeniously integrated into vibrant fabrics, adding a touch of sustainability to the artistic mix. Additionally, this collection introduced the creative use of headpieces, or caps, as a distinctive element in its innovative pieces.


Pepperrow continued to captivate with their latest collection, “I Love You,” this season. The collection featured a stunning array of pieces, from skirts adorned with raffia accents to multicoloured dresses with intricate embellishments. However, it was the sheer, flowy dress that stole the spotlight and crowned this collection as one of the standout showcases on Day 1.

Studio Imo

Studio Imo, a brand known for its commitment to slow-fashion knitwear, made its LFW debut with a collection titled “Good Hunting.” This collection is an ode to literature, skillfully demonstrating how the art of crocheting endures the test of time. The runway came alive as multicoloured knitwear pieces were elegantly draped on models, seamlessly merging fashion with the enduring craft of crocheting.

Cynthia Abila

Amidst the melodic sounds of Igbo chanting, creating a unique musical ambience as models gracefully strode down the runway, Cynthia Abila‘s SS 24 collection took centre stage. This exquisite collection showcased a captivating array of finely tailored dresses crafted from the brand’s well-loved fabrics. Notably, this year, the collection introduced stylish hats, infusing a touch of sophistication and chic femininity into the overall look.



Friday 27th October marked Day 2 of Heineken Lagos Fashion Week, with XRetail at Zinkata & Vanestyle still on as well as SwapShop.

On the streets of Lagos, showgoers continue to show out in style with some extraordinary trends.

Monochrome Looks ranging from black were spotted vividly on the street-style scene. From ruffles in the highest volumes to embellished fringe overall, and three-piece suits. Also the “Barbiecore” aesthetic, an all-pink look was spotted, in addition to some eye-catching color-blocking.

During the runway show, Multi-communication brand, MTN Nigeria in partnership with Lagos Fashion Week announced the winner of the Yello-verse Digital Fashion Show. The winner received the sum of One Million Naira.

Day 2 Runway Highlights

Cute Saint

Last year, Cute Saint’s show featured a dramatic tribute to Lagos with the Eyo masquerade. This year, they presented their 2024 Transeasonal collection, beginning with a striking female model in swimwear paired with gloves. The collection showcased a range of bodycon tops, crop blazers, gowns, and baggy black denim pants, offering a fresh and gender-bending vibe.

Ugo Monye

Concluding Day 2 of Lagos Fashion Week, Ugo Monye presented its most striking and monumental collection to date. Renowned for its integration of traditional craftsmanship into its creations, the SS 24 collection delivered a fusion of traditional menswear with a contemporary twist. The pieces featured multiple layers of fabrics, flowing agbada garments, and complementing caps. The awe-inspiring collection left show-goers in sheer amazement, resulting in a resounding standing ovation.

piiLLz N PoiZn

piiLLz N PoiZn, a Nigerian women’s fashion brand, marked its presence on the fashion scene by debuting at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Now, the brand has made its highly anticipated appearance at Lagos Fashion Week, presenting its SS4 collection. This collection beautifully embodies modern-day femininity through an exquisite use of soft and intricate fabrics, resulting in an array of diverse and captivating silhouettes. Adding to the allure of the runway, Nigerian artist Maire delivered a captivating performance as the models graced the stage.


After a triumphant premiere at New York Fashion Week, LFJ, renowned for its artistic creations, graced the LFW runway to present its captivating “Under Sea collection.” The collection exudes a couture-like and theatrical essence, with each piece evoking a sense of opulence. The garments are characterized by their soft, luxurious textures, complemented by striking headpieces such as hats and masks.

SVL Design

After earning recognition as a 2022 Green Access finalist, SVL Design has made a triumphant return to Lagos Fashion Week, ready to showcase another eclectic collection. Following its successful foray into sustainable fashion last year, the brand is back with a fresh body of work that delves further into patchwork while infusing a distinctive streetwear sensibility.

Kente Gentlemen

Hailing from Cote d’Ivoire, Kente Gentlemen is a fashion brand deeply committed to ethical practices within the African fashion industry. Their SS 24 collection, titled “A Woman Wearing A Suit,” pays homage to the elegance of women in suits, showcasing the versatility of this classic attire. The collection expertly presents an array of well-tailored two and three-piece suits, accentuated by stylish, exaggerated collars and adorned with exquisite African prints. It redefines how suits can be crafted and adorned in diverse, captivating forms


KikoRomeo makes a stunning comeback to the LFW runway this season, unveiling their latest collection, “EWALA.” Crafted from the brand’s unique hand-printed fabrics, the collection exudes a vibrant, androgynous, and experimental aesthetic.

The concluding day of Lagos Fashion Week, Day 3, marked both the final on-site shows and the last day of Swap Shop.

In the realm of Street Style, we observed a captivating array of monochrome ensembles, a variety of denim cuts and styles, and an abundance of chic, structured looks. Blazers undoubtedly took centre stage as a key fashion statement.

Adding to the event’s sustainable focus, Green Access Finalists including Ajanéé, BornstarNG, By.Wuzzy, E.S.O by Liman, and Dust of the Earth showcased their collections. These collections were thoughtfully sourced and crafted in alignment with the guiding principles of the circular economy and sustainability.

Get to Know The 2023 Green Access Finalists


Ajanéé is a Nigerian upcycling brand. The brand uses deadstock fabrics like denim to create new pieces. 


BornstarNG is a contemporary fashion brand rooted in slow fashion and sustainability. The brand’s Green Access debut collection tagged “Irawo” draws inspiration from the creative director’s childhood experiences.


By.Wuzzy is a sustainable denim brand targeted at using denim to make outstanding garments and accessories.

E.S.O by Liman

E.S.O. by Liman is a slow-fashion luxury brand founded in 2021. The brand’s Green Access Debut is titled “Rebirth Prelude Collection.”

Dust of the Earth

Dust of the Earth is a Lagos-based ethical brand championing sustainability.

Day 3 Runway Highlights

Desirée Iyama

Opening the show on Day 3 of LagosFW, Desirée Iyama returned with its SS24 collection tagged “Botanical Garden”. From mini flowers to bold floral prints, the pieces from the brand were a nod to botany with a touch of femininity.

Lila Bare

With a new collection – “Kolam”, the brand explored the use of 3D technology, original prints, and metal and bead works. The show opened with a body-fitting androgynous piece worn by two models, what followed next were pieces made from crochet and simple garments.


For FIA’s SS24 collection “Connecting Lines”, the brand returned with an experimental collection, their signature woven fabric was paired with denim to make beautiful and bold pieces.

Éki Kéré

Known for their Adire and raffia detailing, Éki Kéré is a Nigerian sustainable brand. For their debut on the LagosFW runway, they presented Adire pieces with colored raffia detailings alongside footwear, headpieces, and handbags made from raffia.

Adama Paris

Adama Paris last showcased at LagosFW back in 2021. Its latest offering explored beautiful pieces made from Denim. Short dresses, three pieces, and skirts were embellished with bronze. The collection also delivered cute small purses and bags.


Kilentar in Yoruba translates to “What are you selling?”. The womenswear brand celebrates feminine elegance, and with their SS24 offering, Kilentar’s ethos is explored, pieces from the collection are simple and ethical.


Nkwo continued their journey of indigenous African storytelling this season at Lagos Fashion Week. Deconstructed shirt dresses detailed with woven fabrics and upcycled denim pieces were some of the designs from Nkwo this season.

Elie Kuame

Titled “Foundation”, Elie Kuame’s SS24 collection offered pieces of couture. Models were sent down the runway in structured ball gowns, exaggerated sleeves, and bucket hats.

Eki Silk

Eki Silk returned to the LagosFW runway with silk pieces in beautiful prints.