Photo by Aylin Çobanoğlu on Unsplash

A handbag is a wise investment as it’s less influenced by trends than clothes or shoes, has no size restrictions (so you can pass it on one day), and maintains its value after a few years if you take good care of it.

And this is where it gets tricky- there’s nothing like the first scratch, or the unattractive wrinkle, or the tiny stain… we’ve all been there. Slowly, the handbag you once loved becomes tainted, and before you know it, you are left with a remnant of what once was.

Below are cleaning hacks & techniques for maintaining your handbags- You’re welcome!

Keep it out of the light.

To prevent discolouration and mould, store your bag away from direct sunlight and low humidity. Keep your handbag in a cool and dark place, with a pouch or two of silica gel to keep any kind of moisture at bay!

Fill the bag to help retain its shape.

Handbags, most especially leather bags, are susceptible to losing shape if not stored properly. Fill the bag with crumbled butter paper, bubble wrap or a plastic cushion, and even rolled up sweaters to help retain its structure.

Consider using a bag liner.

By using a handbag liner, you can protect the inside of your bag from spills, especially if you change your bag frequently. Not only will your bag be protected, but it has even more pockets for storing things, and a liner makes switching out bags easy.

Don’t overdo it with cleaning.

Your cleaning method will vary based on the bag’s material. For bags made out of nylon, hand-wash with mild soap, rinse with water, press almost dry with a clean towel, and air-dry for a couple of hours. For leather bags, mix warm water and dish soap in a bowl, dunk a soft cloth in it, wring it out, and wipe the bag gently. To avoid wearing out your handbag more quickly, you should only clean it when it needs a refresh.

Use a dust bag.

It’s important to keep your bag in a dust bag. Most handbags come with a dust bag when you buy them. But if it doesn’t, you can find eco-friendly options pretty easily. It would be smart to use the dust bag whenever your handbag is not in use because it shields it from dust, dirt and even insects that find their way into your bag storage compartments. Keeping them inside also preserves the bag’s lustre.

You don’t need to hang it.

Make sure to store any metal chains or straps that come with the bag inside the bag! You can also wrap the metal handle/chain in foam or butter paper to prevent scratches! The handle of your handbag should not be hung by itself to prevent the leather from being damaged.