For their June 2020 issue, Accelerate TV features the cerebral and fast-rising music star Ladipoe  on “The Cover”.

In this month’s issue of The Cover he discusses his rise, personal style, and the state of the industry. Check out some excerpts from his interview and more photos below:

On managing expectations and using his platform

The expectation of being an artiste and having to say certain things … knowing you have a voice and how to use that,

That’s something struggle with, I struggle with that because I see how people are expected to behave when they are considered ‘celebrities’ but I’ve been an independent artiste for too long, prior to joining the label, so I felt like I was on the outside and that has birthed this sense that ‘ look, I don’t conform to the rules that anybody feels they are given.
I realise that one of the most impactful things I have is my voice, I know that
and I don’t give a fuck who tells me how it’s meant to be used, I will use the way I see necessary…

Shirt and Trouser by REKANA / Slippers by T.T. Dalk / Jewellery (throughout), his own

On his personal  style  

You see, the thing about style is that…Just the way I express myself with my music, and it’s unique to me, style is the same thing. It’s just another form of expression, to be honest, and I just feel like how can you not have style?…

Shirt and Trouser by REKANA / Slippers by T.T. Dalk / Jewellery (throughout), his own.

On what he hates about the industry

What I hate about the industry is that it penalizes people for being their authentic selves. So if you’re vulnerable and you expose something of yourself, a lot of times people use that against you and the industry is a place that happens a lot on you regarded and you are forced to create façade on façade to protect yourself so you are guarded from being your true self.

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