Ivorian sculptor and feminist – Laetitia Ky – honours Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on the second episode of her “Inspirational women” series. 

Ky, who came to the limelight in 2017 for creating interesting sculptures with her hair, sculpted a realistic portrait of Chimamanda’s face with her own hair, an astounding masterpiece to behold. She backed it up with an insightful caption saluting the world-renowned writer’s brilliance and resilience, especially on her quest to re-educate the world about true feminism. Keep scrolling to view.



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It’s been said that Ky had been inspired to sculpt her hair in a manner similar to the featured women of the 20th-century, pre-colonial African women she had seen on Facebook in 2016. Her signature style involves the use of wire, thread, sometimes wax, and her dreadlocks, which are lengthened with extensions woven into her natural hair to sculpt amazing works of art like this one. 

The sculptures are first made through a process that often takes many hours and then attached to her natural hair by the use of hair extensions woven into them. She calls her method the Ky Concept and puts it to productive use for the expression of not just her creativity but also her thoughts about feminism, activism, and politics.