South African interior decorator Mali Langa had one mission in mind when she set out to launch her brand TASK Interior Styling; become a force to be reckoned with in the design industry locally and internationally. Now almost 5 years after, her high octane designs are seen in some of the best locations in various parts of Africa.

I have always loved interiors since I was a little girl watching my aunt do the interior of her house, I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

Through her work, she shows off the wealth of South Africa and Africa as a whole. Constantly raising the bar with her emphasis on luxury, uniqueness and a pop of colour to excite and bring the spaces to life.

In this new interview with BellaNaija Style, Mali Langa tells us about her journey so far in a male-dominated industry, her favourite projects and the next best thing for her brand.

BNS: Tell us about your brand
Mali Langa: TASK Interior Styling is a turn-key award-winning interior design studio born out of a love for beautiful objects, functional design, colour and a flair for luxurious living. No corporate, residential or commercial brief is too big or small to benefit from our team of talented interior designers and industry professionals. Our motto, “innovation through collaboration”, drives us forward as we aim to bring original interior designs, creative projects, and products to market. TASK is aiming to be a leading authority in interior design on the African continent.

BNS: Why did you go into interior designing?
Mali Langa: TASK was born in 2016 (with a brand makeover in 2019) out of a love for beauty in all shapes and forms. What started out as just a hobby quickly grew into a fully-fledged business opportunity. What it comes down to is that I have always loved interiors since I was a little girl watching my aunt do the interior of her house, I knew that this was something I wanted to do. It’s like they say, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!

BNS: What inspires the work you do?
Mali Langa: My inspiration grows from a love for travel. Having had the privilege of seeing many different corners of the world, I am always awestruck at the variety the human race has to offer. Different cultures and people opened my eyes to beauties I had never considered. I really love bringing together different styles of interiors from all over the globe and then adding to it an African twist, that something which gives it VAVA!

BNS: What is your design style?
Mali Langa: My design philosophy revolves around collaboration not only with clients but also with other talented creatives from all walks of life. I bring my projects together with an emphasis on luxury, uniqueness and always a pop of colour to excite and bring the design to life. I love bringing different materials together to up the overall contrast and have them complement one another. Luxurious finishes, a variety of textures, an element of greenery and a dash of colour will never be missing in any project of mine.

What I love most about interior design is my first interaction with clients, where I get to analyse and interpret their personalities. I love taking the data we collect at a briefing session or a site visit and then unpacking it with my team to come up with a brilliant design. And let’s not forget the excitement of implementation, of finally getting to the point where you add the final touches and hand over to a satisfied client!

BNS: The most challenging part of being one of the leading designers in South Africa?
Mali Langa: Being the first and only female on the board of directors of a male-dominated company in a male-dominated industry like the mining industry was one of the biggest challenges I have faced in my professional career. But looking back on these experiences, I know that it helped me to grow, and to all women out there, I say, never back down!

BNS: What are some of your top projects? What are some your favourites?
Mali Langa: Looking back at our completed projects, my favourite was doing my first ever large residential project. Creating a home where there was previously just a house was a fascinating journey. Being a family oriented person myself, the joys of doing a project for a big family home were truly unrivalled. I also really love kids, and creating their bedrooms and playroom was something that really spoke to me. Other than that, I think my 2019 stand at the Decorex Design Expo in Johannesburg was probably the highlight of my career thus far. We blew the competition away and TASK was awarded Best Newcomer as well as Best Décor Stand.


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BNS: Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?
Mali Langa: Interior Design projects take so much longer than what people generally know, so I am very excited to be completing a project in Limpopo which I was involved in from the planning and breaking ground phases of the house. Having put so many hours into this project, which also happens to be located in the region I grew up in, is very exciting. I am also thrilled to have just started work on a holiday home in Zimbali, Durban, and another one in Cape Town.

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