Ele’ is a Yoruba slang that translates to ‘beautiful lady’ and what could be better than a Beautiful woman with the added advantage of her lush natural tresses.

To celebrate 5 years of being a trendsetter in changing the natural hair narrative in Nigeria through the beautiful natural hairstyles that their clients have adorned; KL’s Naturals launched a campaign titled ‘Ele Toh Natural’ which is a compilation of a few of their signature creations.

For a long time, the synonyms that were used to describe natural hair and the styles that could be achieved were neither flattering nor appealing so it is refreshing and very exciting to be able to have versatile options that are elegant, beautiful and definitely eye-catching.


KL’s Signature Updo

Efua in the Esan Language means ‘Sunshine’ and there is a lot of sunshine that this hairstyle will bring wherever you go! A definite statement and conversation starter. This was the very first updo created by Kemi Lewis in 2014 and she has fine-tuned it over the years to this look.


The Jumbo Flat Twist Updo

Aderiyike in the Yoruba Language means ‘The pampered Crown’ and this is a crown fit for a natural hair queen. Flat twists styled into the crown of the head with the distinctive lines giving an overall regal look.


The Jewelled Mini Puffs 

Ejaita in Urhobo means ‘Let them say’. A definite head turner not for the one who shies away from making bold statements! A simple yet distinct take on afro puffs.


The Afro with a Twist

Abeba is an Ethiopian name meaning ‘Flower’ and this gorgeous Afro is in full bloom! The intricate cornrows in front give it a shape and definition and the added touch of gold thread makes it pop!


The Sleek Bun

Uzuri in Swahili means ‘Beauty’ and this classy combination of the Classic French and Victory Rolls is a definite beauty!


The French Roll and Twists

Jamilah in Hausa language means ‘Beautiful/Elegant/ Graceful’. Each of these words describes this sleek bun perfectly.

Hair: Kl’s Naturals  | @klsnaturals @kemilewis
Makeup: Beauty Cook Studio | @beautycookstudio
Photography: Tap Studio | @tapstudiosweddings