There are very few things  we love more than seeing our BellaStylistas glow and slay all while thriving and securing all the bags, and one of these things is seeing two BellaStylista glowing, slaying and thriving! And recently, we have spotted two South African BellaSylistas filling our Instagram feed with super  positive content that is also BFF goals, and we want it hooked directly into our veins!

Both Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa has been delivering next level style goals as well as friendship goals consistently over the past month and we live for content like this. A crossover between two of our style faves? It feels like Christmas came a little bit early for us and we aren’t not complaining at all.

These two BellaSylistas have put smiles on our faces with their style and friendship so we are sharing it with all our other BellaStylistas!

Now this ankara moment between Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa is a MOMENT. Iconic, stylish and frankly  we wouldn’t mind recreating this photo. We especially love that they go perfectly well together yet aren’t trying too hard to match.

Kefilwe and Sarah gave us all the Hot Girl Summer inspo we needed with this picture. Summer body, perfect bikinis, glowing skin and your best girl to share the moment with. Couldn’t be any more perfect.

While we have to admit these two BellaStylistas write some of the best captions we have ever seen, we genuinely think the best caption for this picture is ‘how you walk with your girl when you are both amazing, badass and stylish!‘ because that is what this picture screams.

After seeing this picture of Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa, we are adding ‘must be able to effortlessly rock monochrome fits and look perfect together’ to our requirements for new friends.

Really, what more can we say about this picture? Kefilwe and Sarah did what they had to with this fit and they slayed and frankly brightened up our day.


Photo Credit: @kefilwe_mabote