My hair is like my voice, I like to switch it up a lot and try out new things because it is the easiest way for me to express my style. says 20-year-old Kaykay Onyeobi who rocks a blonde teeny weeny afro.

The Nigerian Visual Artist and Blogger currently based in Cyprus started her natural hair journey in 2014 when she got fed up with her hair texture getting ruined by relaxer chemicals – and to be honest she stalked a lot of naturalistas on Instagram and just wanted to be like them.

She embraced the buzz cut life earlier this year and the “You look like a boy” comments don’t get to her. I don’t care. Having short natural hair for some reason makes me feel more confident, powerful, I love it!

With no plans of ever relaxing her hair again, Kaykay Onyeobi tells us all about her natural hair journey so far for #BNFroFriday.


BNSTell us about your hair 
Kaykay: I’m Nigerian and my hair texture is 4c, its natural colour is brown. I’ve been dyeing my hair a lot recently because I feel brown is just too boring. Before I went full on natural in 2014, I used to put on relaxers and texturizers and boy did my hair suffer for it! My edges were fried right out and only grew back when I went natural. Now I have full and healthy hair (even though I dye it a lot now).

BNS: Why did you decide to go natural?
Kaykay: I decided to go natural because my hair was really thin and unhealthy when I was relaxing/texturizing. I was adviced by my friends with natural hair and hairdressers to go natural in order to have healthy hair.

BNSHow did you transition?
Kaykay: I did my first big chop in 2015, I was already transitioning in 2014 but decided to chop everything off in 2015. My hair grew a lot and then in January 2017, I chopped it off again because I decided I wanted the buzz cut look instead. Let’s be real, having natural hair is a full-time job on its own and I’m too lazy to keep up with it lol. I’m someone who always goes crazy with my hair so people already know to expect it from me. But when I cut off all my hair, I got comments like “oh now you look like a boy”, “a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, you don’t look nice bald“, “how will you find a man now“.

Lol like I care what anyone thinks? Having short natural hair for some reason makes me feel more confident, powerful, I love it! One person who really inspired this hair is Ellese Char, I became so obsessed with the way she carries herself and her buzz cut, I had to get mine done. People eventually got used to it and now they love it, that’s what makes me stand out, my hair.

Protective style: Braids

BNSHow long have you been natural?
Kaykay: I have been natural for 4 years, and within this period of time I have cut my hair over 15 times! I’m such an indecisive person, I never know for sure if I want to grow it out or keep it short. I’m currently growing it out becasue I want to try braiding it again.

BNS: Do you ever hide your hair?
Kaykay: The only time I hide my natural hair is when it’s super messy and I don’t have time to make it look nice before I leave my house so I throw on a turban or a hat. I don’t wear weave/wigs or anything, I actually haven’t worn artificial hair in almost 5 years (if braids don’t count).

BNSHow does climate affect your hair?
Kaykay: Right now it’s winter in Cyprus, my hair gets pretty dry but then I deep condition or just spritz some Rose Water on my hair to keep it moisturized on lazy days. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are also my lifesavers.

BNS: Do you have any other hair problems?
Kaykay: One of my biggest hair problems is growth! Lol, my hair grows as fast as snails move, peep the irony. I gave up on it a long time ago, now I just work with what I’ve got. I can’t really be bothered honestly.

BNS: How do you deal with these problems?
Kaykay: Lol I drink my water and move on to solving my real life issues, like how to save money instead of spending it all on food and things I don’t really need. Lol, I can’t come and kill myself, please.

BNS: Natural vs chemical products?
Kaykay: Everyone should just do whatever suits them! Do what you want, want to go natural? Good for you sis. Want to relax your hair? Okay probably not the best but I mean if it works for you, do you. I personally just won’t advise anyone to apply chemical products to their hair because it’s really unhealthy. Disclaimer: This is coming from someone who dyes her hair once every two weeks, lol help!.

BNSWhat’s your regular hair routine?
Kaykay: Guys, I’m probably the laziest person to ever exist. Which is why I keep cutting my hair, so I don’t have to take care of it as much. But now that I’m growing it out, I like to wash and condition my hair once a week, deep condition once a week also (I only use natural ingredients, my faves are Avocado, Honey and Olive Oil hair mask and Egg hair mask). And then I moisturize with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, spritz my hair with Rose Water when it starts to get a bit dry or for detangling.

BNS: What advice would you give to people thinking of going natural?
: Just do it! Transition or get that big chop! Probably the best decision you’d ever make. There’s just this power that comes with embracing your natural self, it’s such a beautiful thing and I love to see both men and women rock their natural hair!

BNS: What do you like best about your hair and being natural?
Kaykay: I like my hair because it’s easy to manage, I like to believe I have a busy lifestyle and don’t have as much time to take care of my hair (even if I spend half my time on my bed watching YouTube videos lol). But yeah, my hair also gives me a certain level of confidence I really love. If you can rock a buzzcut and still look cute, you’re allowed to believe you’re that bitch! (Forgive my language). I also love that my hair is much fuller when it’s natural!

BNS: What is your favourite style to rock? 
Kaykay: Currently, with the length of my hair I like to rock little twists I make with a towel or I gel down my hair to give me a classier look.

BNS: Who are your hair crushes?
Kaykay: I have tons! Ellese Char, Alissa Ashley, Nella Roz, Slick Woods… the list goes on!

BNS: Are you particular about sleek edges?
Kaykay: Girl! If your edges ain’t sleek wyd? I like it on other people but my hair ain’t there yet. Until then, to all my sisters out there! Sleek. Those. Edges.

BNS: What hair accessories can you NOT live without?
Kaykay: I can’t live without my scarves and hats (mostly my beanies), they save me from the most horrible of hair days, you can’t even start to imagine!

BNS: If you were stuck on an island, what 3 hair products would you take with you?
Kaykay: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Rose Water.

BNS: What’s your remedy for a bad hair day?
: My scarves and beanies sis, those are my lifesavers right there!


Thanks for sharing your story with us Kaykay!

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