Have you ever looked at someone else’s Instagram page and noticed that it looked particularly put together? It is very likely that some careful planning has likely gone into it.

It’s serious business putting together a cohesive Instagram feed that tells a story or at least reflects your brand identity, says Fashion Blogger and Digital Marketer Nonye of Thisthingcalledfashionn, she is also one of our Instagram loves, sharing beautiful photos and cute videos that have our heart.


The truth is, as Instagram matures, simply having amazing edited photos isn’t enough: now you have to have a cool feed that serves as a mood board for you.

A stylish feed is definitely aesthetically pleasing and Nonye says: there is surely a market for aesthetics. Not only that, your feed can inform followers on shopping decisions; provide insight to cool places to eat, drink, vacation, and shop; and it can even lead to business opportunities.

Here are 6 tips, Nonye has compiled in her post Curating The Perfect Instagram Feed, to guide you towards your #InstagramGoals.

Tips on curating the perfect instagram feed, Thisthingcalledfashionn

Your Instagram is Brand Identity

You might be thinking “oh no I’m not a brand just a regular Instagram user hoping to earn a few more likes from friends”, Guess what? You are a brand yourself. There’s a certain way you want your online friends to see you. You either want to showcase just your OOTD, or what you like or what you’re up to, e.t.c. Whatever you hope to achieve be sure to know a great part of your brand identity will be derived from your aesthetics.

Content is King

After figuring out number one it’s time to focus on creating content that is conceptually cohesive. Depending on your niche (what your blog/business is about), it’s necessary to create content that fits conceptually and would attract your target audience.

For example, as a fashion blogger, I want to attract people who are interested in fashion and creating a personal style for themselves. Hence my content revolves around fashion tips, flat-lays to showcase a fashion item I love, what’s in my bag. I also create looks and teach people how to style their clothes.


You Need Photography and Editing Skills

Yes, but whether you use your Phone or a DSLR camera all that truly matters is that they are high-quality and good enough for people to want to look at. Ask yourself this question “If this wasn’t my page would I want to look at it?”  Also editing your pictures right can make a huge difference especially following consistent editing.

Filter, Filter, Filter

Having a consistent approach to editing your photos is one of the easiest ways to curating a cohesive Instagram page.  You don’t necessarily have to choose one filter only, but limiting yourself to at least two at once will help you stick to a perfectly laid out aesthetic. Now you can create your own filter using apps such as VSCO, Afterlight or A Colour Story or use the same filter within Instagram Apps.


I currently use VSCO A6 Filter which I am consistent with.

Another trick is to choose a colour theme. Do you want your feed colourful, very minimal, just on a particular colour? or would you like to play with similar colours? While I follow a certain colour scheme, I try to infuse the same colour on my feed obviously I don’t stick to one throughout but I transition.


Consistency Makes it Work

Yes being consistent in posting regularly say three times a day, is important but you also need to follow a consistent visual guide. So before you post any photo to your feed, make sure it fits in visually and flows with the rest of your content.

Planning Instagram Posts is a Thing

Planning high-quality content consistently is key, In order to do so, you need to plan in advance. Use a scheduling tool to post or plan to schedule your posts helps with that.

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