Actress Ini Dima-Okojie is the stunning cover star for Ono Bello magazine’s October 2018 issue.

According to the release:

In the accompanying fashion editorial titled “Mystery Woman”, which references dark and dramatic themes, ranging from Vampiric-Mythical ideas that feature theatrical styling of extravagant costume-themed couture and dynamic beauty looks that are darkly enchanting that follows the mythical tale of the popularly known “Miss Koikoi” and the “Vampire Bride”.

The Legend Miss Koikoi was known for her beauty and her heels. Whenever she walked in the hallways of schools her shoes will make one sound ‘Koi Koi’ and the Vampire Bride is an exceptionally beautiful woman with crimson eyes, the only vampire class with a natural human-like appearance.

This theatrical editorial is full of cinematic shots and compelling narrative worthy of a blockbuster film- “Once Upon A Time When Evil Takes Over…”. Nevertheless, as striking as the narrative, the clothes are what truly stand out.

Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Ono Bello (Instagram @onodiary)
Muse: Ini Dima-Okojie (Instagram: @inidimaokojie)
Photography: Efe Lopez (Instagram: @efelopezphotography)
Art Direction/Styling: World charming Smart Courage (Instagram: @infoworldcharming)
Style Assistant: Margaret Okpamu (Instagram: @thashypearl)
Hair: Idowu Oluwatosin (Instagram: @highdtosin)
Makeup: Leke Shades (Instagram: @lekeshades)
Cinematography: Ossyazor Uchenna (Instagram: @ossyazoruche)
Studio: Qhue Studios (Instagram: @qhuestudios
Outfits: Demure By Denike (Instagram: @demurebydenike) | Ufuoma Erhaboh (Instagram: @fabriquebyfabz) | Mary Udoh (Instagram: @zateemeedesigns) | Zhalima Grazioni (Instagram: @zhalimaofficial)