We just wrapped up the amazing Women’s History Month where we spotlighted women, the amazing work they do, and their invaluable contributions to making the world a better place.

One such woman of impact, Sandrah Tubobereni, the founder and creative director of luxury fashion brand TUBO, successfully launched the second edition of her Impact Day on April 7th, 2024 at the prestigious Civic Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Impact Day with TUBO is a fully self-funded event, her way of bridging the gap of educational deprivation amongst aspiring and already operating female professionals and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

With an astounding one thousand (1000) applicants flooding in within just eight hours of its official announcement during Women’s Month three (3) weeks ago, doubling the applications received for its maiden edition, four hundred (400) female entrepreneurs across different industries in Nigeria were shortlisted to participate in this exclusive and transformative event.

Impact Day with TUBO immersed its attendees in a day-long experience filled with impactful sessions tailored to empower entrepreneurs not only in the fashion and creative industry but also in other sectors on essential topics such as intellectual property, creativity, mindset reengineering, business structure, and lessons from the TUBO journey.

The highlight of this 2024 edition was the dynamic panel discussion which featured prominent industry experts such as Abasiekenne Ukanireh, Founder of Eki Kere; Alma Karibo, Legal, Compliance and Data Privacy Professional; and Edidiong Umokaso, Senior Associate at Maverick and Sceptre. These esteemed panellists shared practical wisdom and inspired a collective shift in mindset among all participants.

Abasiekenne delved into her remarkable journey of transforming into Eki Kere and gave insights into how she seized opportunities during the COVID-19 era to address challenges within the fashion industry which led hers to become a highly sought-after brand.

She also spoke about being inspired by her passion for environmental protection and the use of authentic materials that could be easily found around her.

Alma provided invaluable legal guidance, emphasizing the importance of trademarks and copyrights in protecting creative works.

Edidiong spoke about protecting intellectual property and also shed light on the intricacies of intellectual property law in Nigeria.

After the panellist session, Sandrah Tubobereni was treated to a warm surprise as Mr Bankole Williams, CEO of Live Your Dreams Africa and Peak Performance Coach graced the event to deliver an engaging session on how participants can successfully break away from old patterns and rebrand themselves to become a much sought-after brand.

Tubo’s session titled Her Journey So Far inspired participants as she walked them through the journey of TUBO’s becoming and the lessons she learned along the way. During her solo session, she shared her experiences from childhood, being groomed into fashion by her seamstress mother to creating TUBO and leaving her promising career in finance and business development to follow TUBO fully.

She taught on creating a vision, doing internal and external research on both self, the industry you decide to operate in and the environment at large. She spoke on gathering data before delving into a business. She further taught on how to climb to the top, be consistent, and stay at the top, stating that having standard operating procedures is the key.

She also taught extensively on SOPs, creating them, organograms, sharing her learning points and her mistakes. She also spoke on business expansion, different sources of finance, and how she got funding to expand.

She talked about fostering the right relationships by first having the right values and then she shared a few personal stories on how her friends have carried and supported her from when she first started till date, the participants were glued to their seats as they jotted down practical success tips useful for their respective journeys.

The sessions were full of questions and answers as participants sought to express their concerns regarding their business growth and development.

There was a collection of couture outfits on display for attendees to feel, examine and just network while they looked through the collection.

As the program drew to a close, smooth melodies filled the air courtesy of the talented Temilayo Abodurin as the perfect send-off from a truly memorable event.

The second edition of Impact Day, hosted by Sandrah Tubobereni, was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations. Its success would not have been possible without the support and active participation of all attendees.


Convener: @tubobereni_

Outfit: @tubo__

Photo: @mamahstudios