The pinstripe suits for years has been the classic corporate working man staple. But with the dawn of the metrosexual men, things are fast changing. Workplace looks are now constantly being restyled out of the office.

Metrosexuals have come to the conclusion that an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous monochrome suit – white suit set and a black shirt inside, or a blue suit set over a black tee – is easily the pinstripe suit, which when donned the right way can never be dull and without character.

In this post, I will be showing you one way to style the pinstripe suit for a casual look. I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and probably pick one or two things to incorporate into your style to spice it up!

Go All Out With Your Colour Choices!

I opted for a grey and white suit and wore a black shirt inside.

The Trick is the Perfect Accessories:

I chose to go for minimalist accessories by throwing on two tiny silver necklaces and pairing them with a brown hat with a gold diamond-encrusted brooch by the side to give it a modern feel. I also included a pear-shaped sunglasses and some rings for that gentleman swag feel.

Be Intentional With Your Shoe Choice

For my shoes, I went for a pair of leather gold loafers without any socks.

Photography: @Paul_Maestro