Afua Osei is one of the leading luminaries on the continent both as co-founder of career focused media company She Leads Africa and a travel and business influencer. She Leads Africa is a top destination for millennial African women who are looking for answers to their burning questions about work and money. From tips on building their careers, advice, inspiration, opportunities and interviews with and industry leaders as well as their peers, the brand has grown leaps and bounds in its barely four years of existence.

The budding fashion girl is also a thought leader in her own right, with speaking engagements all over the continent to prove it. On a recent trip to Botswana sponsored by the De Beers group, she spoke on a panel about the nature of influence and the importance of the digital economy, as well as how digital inclusion is causing a major paradigm shift in economic opportunities for young women.

Check out her quick recap below:

In her Instagram post, the #MotherlandMogul shares key insights from her:

Last week I had the chance to participate in The Diamond Conference and W Summit in Botswana. The theme of this year’s W Summit was “Pioneering The New Business Brand” and how the role and impact of media is changing.
I said a lot of random of stuff during my session on “Influencers Are The New Brands” but the most important things were:

• The digital economy provides one of the most significant opportunities for young women to generate their own independent income and monetize their skills and personality to a global audience. Previous economic transformations required significant capital or permission from gate keepers. That is no longer the case.

• There is such a significant need for interesting and creative content from diverse voices that there is no niche that has been over done.

• Those who want to be successful must move beyond creating content and discover how they can create community, experiences and commerce to build a sustainable business.


Who: @afua_osei

Where: The Diamond Conference and W Summit, Botswana

Wearing: Custom @cpwoman.lagos and @styletemple