Kenyan fashion blogger and media personality Sharon Mundia recently took a trip to Lamu, Kenya and she made a Youtube video about it!

On her Instagram she said :

Right after this picture was taken I burst into tears. Happy tears. I was in my favourite place on earth with people I love and admire so much enjoying a sunset dhow cruise. There were three generations of women on this dhow – some who’d lived through the highs and lows of life (love, loss, growth) and some whose lives were only just starting out and looked at the world with such wonder. But in this moment, as the dhow meandered through the lush, green mangrove and made its way out into the open expanse, and as the birds played on little sandbars and flew off into the horizon, we were all connected because we all felt the magic. We all felt God. I could feel Him in that moment wrap himself around me as if to say that all will be well.
Lamu will always have my heart.