Nigerian Culinary Expert and Present Guinness World Record holder, Hilda Effiong Bassey, recognised by her professional name Hilda Baci, graces the front of the latest edition of Exquisite Magazine in spectacular style.

According to the publication:

Many people dream of becoming more of themselves by winning at something or breaking records, but not many people actually dare to plan or take the steps required to be extra to succeed and live that extraordinary life.

Our cover diva in this edition is the Heroic Hilda Baci, who captured the hearts of Nigerians by attempting and becoming the world record holder for the most extended cooking by an individual making her mark globally and on the Guinness World Records. As she dared to follow her heart to live her dream, others have been inspired to do the same. Hilda showed the world that anything is possible when you plan and execute. EM’s Lifestyle Editor Uche had a sit down with Nigeria’s favourite chef.

For this issue, the star dons a blue skirt suit showcasing a gracefully flowing flared hem that extends into an elegant train. Additionally, Hilda wears a sleeveless black dress adorned with vibrant braids and an eye-catching orange suit characterised by its flared sleeves and trousers.

Hilda responds to questions concerning her sense of style in the magazine. These include her favourite fashion genre, fashion icon of choice, renowned hairstyle, and other significant inquiries about her fashion preferences.

See excerpts from the interview below:

Describing her fashion style:

I would say comfortable, sexy. And a very forward style

Her go-to style:

Every time would be jeans, leggings and a crop top. I love jeans.

Her fashion role model: 

I take inspiration from a lot of people, so I don’t really have

The Hilda Baci hairstyle and why she likes it: 

It’s so quick and easy, oh my God and it suits my face. I’m the person that believes if it doesn’t make you more beautiful it’s not necessary. So for me, it enhances my natural beauty that is why I like it. Nothing really inspired it I just tried it one day and it got stuck with me.

Check out the magazine here.

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