All girls know that the most effective way to have healthy hair is to take proper care of it. Hair begins to grow from the root at the bottom of the follicles and the root is made up of cells of protein. What this means is, the hair needs tender care and proper nutrition to grow. And what better way to nourish the hair than with natural products?

Watch how these beauty vloggers take care of their hair with inexpensive at-home treatments that remedy damages and keep the hair healthy.


Jacinta Nwabuogu swears by her Apple Cider Vinegar mixture. She uses this hair regime every two weeks.

TomisColourPavilion is sure that her banana hair mask is a great way to manage and treat damaged hair. She says it will leave your hair, soft, shiny, glossy and very manageable.

According to Igbocurls, Aloe Vera is bae – when it comes to natural hair. She uses the get to deal with the dry, itchy and flaky scalp on her natural hair.

Gahl‘s hair care routine involves 4 natural ingredients; Coconut oil, Baobab oil, Castor oil conditioners and Herbal Essences.

Maame Hayfron believes that her hot oil treatment and deep conditioning keeps her hair moisturized and bouncy.

What natural treatments do you use on her hair? Share below!

Lead photo: @igbocurls