In 2012, Trevor Stuurman became ELLE’s Style Reporter and since then, he has continued to expose the world to Africa with his unique ways of telling the African fashion story through his lenses. Undoubtedly, the creative community in South Africa cannot be complete without the mention of his name.

According to GQ‘s ; When you speak of South African creatives,  entrepreneur, and multimedia visual artist Trevor Stuurman is top of that list. 

This multi-talented photographer has worked with every major fashion magazine and the top retail brands in South Africa, his street style portraiture is sought after by top publications including Vogue.

In an exclusive feature, Trevor talks with GQ South Africa about Africa, fashion and the feature.

Read excerpts below:

African fashion industry in light of global trends
I think it is really unfair to compare the African fashion industry to the international industry. Purely because we are still in the developmental stage of the industry, trade, and transport between Africans is still a challenge. However, when it comes to design, I strongly believe that Africa is the cradle of creativity and home of luxury.

African fashion and art in 10 years
I see Africans reclaiming their rightful positions as kings and queens of design and creativity. I see us rebranding African creativity through the clever use of technology, innovation, and authentic storytelling. The value of our creativity has always been discounted to arts and craft and this because many Africans create from a place of necessity and survival vs recreation and leisure.

Three life lessons
Find your voice. Nurture your voice. Protect your voice. And simply own your narrative.

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Photo Credit: @trevor_stuurman