When it comes to looks, a first impression is everything -Okay, you are smart, you have an awesome team, amazing clients, and a brand that is flourishing. Things are popping right now but do your outfits reflect that?

There really is a style difference between boss babes and basic babes. It is usually crystal clear who the leaders are. These women step out every day with outfits that scream: in charge!

Creating a cohesive and consistent wardrobe will do wonders for your personal brand, whether you’re the boss of your own business or you’re killing it in your career with a company you love.

Here are some steps you need to take to get that confident wardrobe:

  • Reflect on
    – The message you’re trying to convey with your image and branding style?
    – Your work environment
  • Find your personal style
  • Find someone stylish you look up to
  • Declutter and re-organize your wardrobe.
  • Start off shopping with the basics. Buy one or two essential items that you admire from your style crush; earrings, sunglasses etc then work your way to the staples; dresses, shoes, bags.

In honour of strong women all over the world, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we turned to the lady bosses we know from different industries; entertainment, media, fashion and so on.

Here is your failproof guide to dressing like a Boss Babe every day of the week:


Mondays are not exactly built for outfit excellence, but it’s the first day of the week so you want to look and feel inspired to take on anything. The trick is to wear something you feel really confident in, as you bulldoze through meetings and deadlines.



Even though you are more relaxed and settled into the week, you don’t need to throw fashion to the wind. Wear uplifting colours and prints that suit your style but are still comfortable enough to allow you work hard.



On Wednesdays we wear pink, or yellow or whatever colour makes us feel feminine and chic!



Slip into something comfortable on Thursday. Dress appropriately but factor in after work happy hour cocktails *wink*.



It’s Fri Yay! So you can dress exactly how you feel! Let your hair down and wear comfortable shoes.



Owambe, drinks with the girls or just hanging out there is so much to do on the weekend. So accordingly you should dress up to meet the demands of the occasions.


Photo Credit: Instagram

Who is your ultimate style icon?